Bak kut teh

Sometime ago i went to eat bak kut teh with my friends.. (some of u might remember my schedule that day right?)

well.. here are some pics i snapped.

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It’s called ‘dau kok fan’ in cantonese.. which means long bean rice. Don’t get disgusted by the dark brown colour… cos it tasted damn good. I ordered 3 bowls if im not mistaken

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then erm.. the vege,…. as always.. nothing much to talk about vege.. ok NEXT!

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This is the main dish. Herbal soup.. with mushroom, pork meat, ribs, etc etc.. super nice ok… i think i can drink 3 buckets of the soup.. >.<

of course there were some other side dishes.. but i didnt get to snap the pics..

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So what does the board say? lol

This shop is at Pandan Jaya.. called TTK Bak kut teh. The price for one person is about 10bux if u wanna eat like a king. haha or else i think 6 bux is enough.

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