Bakuteh Dinner

2 weeks ago, I met up with Food lover, Jen and Yat for dinner at this bak kut teh place at Pandan Indah.

The yam rice and long bean rice there are very famous…. no doubt.. they were so delicious.. i ordered 2 bowls..

some other stuff we had… including the main dish, bakuteh

food lover loves the yao cha kwai a lot..

food lover: eh the yao cha kwai here very nice la.. i like!
us: erm… i thought yau cha kwai everywhere also same… -_-”
food lover: eh no la.. here nicer.. u know… nicer…
us: erm… oohh kay.. >_>

we had vege too!

a group shot ( yat, jen, me and food lover)

don ask me where this place is.. cos i forgot d… and price? i also forgot d.. lol


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