Bangkok Jazz

2 weeks ago my parents and I went to Bangkok Jazz at Chulan Square, Bkt. Bintang for dinner.

It was out first time at Bangkok Jazz so a bit blur when we were ordering food. lol

Some stuff we ordered.

This dish has satay, fried fishcakes, scallops, beef balls etc etc.. about RM35. Enough for 3 person.

This one is damn nice… but a bit salty. About RM12 if im not mistaken.

This tomyam soup can be considered one of the best in town. The spiciness and sourness is the perfectest and bestest! lol… RM20-30 for a pot enough for 2 person.

This one sux. Tasteless. RM12 i think. Don’t order this. Dont.

This place is recommended. Nice ambience and its also a good place to chill out n drink wine. jeng jeng jeng.


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