Batu Caves

This is the story of me… going to Batu Caves alone last month… (well.. it was actually with my parents)

Why!!! why m i here alone in this photoshooot outing?!?!?!?! ahahahhahaa

Some photos before we climb up the neverending stairs ok?

I shall remember this day cos it was the first day I saw blue skies after weeks bad weather… remmeber the haze?

I think someone rushed to the toilet to settle some business… sandals also nvr put properly..

If i dont understand this language.. does that mean I can wear my shoes into the temple?(btw.. it says No Shoes Allowed rite?)

A pinkfrog

This kid was happy when she knew how breathless her mum will be soon. lol

Next post… the journey to the top 🙂


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