BBQ Grilled Meat

Here goes our camera phone shoot out all the way out from St Paul’s ruins area.

Melvin’s digicam ran out of battery and I didnt bring my dslr… thats why we utilised our phone cameras.

We kept snapping everything we saw while walking out… nice or not nice photo.. don care.. lol

Somehow I like this shot. What about you?

Portuguese egg tart.. very famous.. thats why if you come here you will see a lot of shops selling the same thing.

We saw Mr. Thirsty outside eggtart shop. His ability is to absorb other ppl’s thirst and make it his own. Glup glup glup!

What’s Malaysia Oil??? Macau selling Malaysia Oil. What do you think Malaysia Oil is?

“Long Kei yok kon si yat si..” This shop damn a lot of customers…

This one no customer. lol

Here’s a video of ppl buying bbq grilled meat.



  1. Furkids in Hong Kong

    That Kung Fu building to the right is very nice. I hope that, and the few remaining ones in Macau and here in HK will be preserved.

    The term ‘Malaysia Oil’ is also commonly used here, especially in the older-style Chinese medicinal shops. But one of the worst English I’ve seen here must be at the Avenue of Stars in TST where it says on the park benches, “Take care the lovely plants”. -_-”

    Btw, have you checked out the new Macbooks and Macbook Pro’s? Wa, so beautiful le. I put up a making of the Macbook if you haven’t seen it yet. Damn nice and much better than I anticipated.


  2. [email protected]!ra~

    er…i’m guessing minyak angin harimau!! hehe~

  3. clarisseteagen

    oooo lovely shot that kungfu picture is

  4. Alice Teh

    People no customer also you laugh. Evil smashpOp…

  5. Nicholas Leong

    Wah thats a lousy power. Absorb thirst 😛 Tak nak!

  6. ahmike

    Minyak apa tu leh? not bad huh at least Malaysia word is there..

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