BBQ Penguin Buffet Dinner

[Photo taken using Sony Alpha A550]

After the GoKart session, we all went for our last stop for the day… Underwater World.

Didnt take many photos there cos we were too busy doing the challenges.. ahahaah

Anyways, at about 6pm we all got back to the hotel… phew… super tiring…

While everyone was resting and showering in their room, Albert and I went to the beach to take sunset photos… could only catch the last bit as we arrived at the hotel a bit late.

Took a shot of the hotel before I ran up to my room to shower… ehhe damn like this photo!

Then I quickly came down to 1st floor for dinner… everyone was in their chillin outfit… slippers, short pants and slippers… all freshen up…

Some of us at my table.

Alicia and Huei were late for the dinner cos they went swimming! ahhhh I wannn lol

At the end of the dinner… we yumseng together gether…

Great knowing new people like Laikuan and Alan.

At about 10pm everyone started to gather in their own groups and worked on the presentation for the next day.



  1. wen pink

    eee i have NEVER been to langkawi before 🙁 what a shame.. i wanna go there too!!!

  2. soonchia

    noticeable ‘noise’ at night. your a700 better. nope, i’m not trying to suck up. HAHAHAHA.

  3. Ah Hong

    You have A550 as well? Test shot unit?

  4. uLi

    cute penguin 🙂

  5. Zhi Shan

    o.o i tot u all had bbq penguin for dinner.

  6. Forjados

    Beautiful sunset photos!!

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