Being Broken

so after dunkin donut… we walked around the the area.. looked at the stalls by the roadside.. n then we realised it was a bit dangerous to wander around at night with all the scary looking people staring at us.

So we went back to the hotel.

We didnt have anymore plans.. it was only 1030pm. Some of our colleagues went clubbing.. but thats our plan the next day.

So we hung around the lobby n took some pics.

That’s the roof. Very nice view from the lobby.

The whole lobby was romantically lit up. So we took more photos… of ourselves

but i am only showing one of the millions of photos we took that night.

at about 1130pm we went back to our rooms n slept.


The next morning.. we woke up at 9pm to have buffet breakfast.

all muka baru bangun. ahahah

not forgetting Jenifer yang terperangkap in my phone. lol

this was all i had. cant eat much i nthe morning.

oh the adventure began after breakfast.

guess where we went. 😀


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