Best is today

Today is best.

Best is today.

Is today Best.


Went to Starbux, Ikano today with
Cherrie, Jenifer, Rames, Joshua, Brandon… to meet up with the other bloggers cos we were supposed to return the Samsung phones today.

Then they picked a winner for the phone review contest and they PICKED ME!

I won the Samsung phone! haha along with a sleek Samsung bluetooth headset.

Then I bought some new clothes. Cheap n nice.

Then queued 30 minutes for Big Apple at the Curve… bought 1/2 dozen.

Then I met up with Wilson, Alvin, Andrea and 2 more friends for dinner at Ichiban Boshi, Pavilion.

Thanks Alvin for belanja-ing me.

Then we went JCO… Wilson belanja-ed me a JCO donut. Thanks! hahaha

Today is I love today is I love.

(Jenhan aka Kaypopotamus, XianJin aka Pinkfrog, and Jason aka smashpOp)
Taken on 9th October 2006 at the Zoo.



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