BigApple in Pavilion

lets get back to our Album T photos. haha

The host using a pink Album T to take photos of the Sony crew.

Whoaaa!! A700 photographer spotted!!

“Hey uncle! no need to hide! I can see you from far! The striking orange lens ring. the solid body and the shiny metal alpha logo caught my eye even though you are kilometres away!”

Then we walked over to the smile and snap booths at the side to try out the smile detection feature in Album T

When the feature is switched on, the camera will only snap when the person smiles… or else… it will not work. ahhaa I call this SIAO CAM.

and then we walked over to the other side and met up with George

and EngHoe who saw me zooming from far.

So he held up his A700 and posed for me. lol

The event ended at about 4 something. We walked allllllllll the way from timessquare to Pavilion for… you know what.


go to the top floor and ull find it in front of TGIF and WongKok CharChanTeng

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