Biotherm Homme’s Race To Gain

Harrous! Been trying to sleep early these days as I realize my skin condition is getting worse… but probably it can be settled by some skincare.

I think these skincare products can somewhat aid in improving fatigue skin hence I do use some basic ones to maintain, moisturizing, toning, conditioning… (at least I try lol). Since Biotherm Homme is one of the big brands in this products, I joined their facebook page recently so I can feel closer to the brand.

While I was surfing around Biotherm Homme Malaysia page, I found something fun. Lol Fun and rewarding. It’s the game in their page. It’s called “Race to Gain”

It’s a game about accuracy. We need to be precise as the driver/mechanic when in the racing track.

This is how the game looks like. Try to get PERFECT and GOOD in order to gain more points. Watch out as the marker moves faster towards the end!
Once you completed the game, submit it and you can compete with others in the leaderboard. You can try the game again and again to get higher scores!

Check out the prizes yo!
F1 tickets at Sepang and loads of Biotherm Homme products! Now you can look good and enjoy the F1 race in style. 😀

I think if the main reason for me to go F1 is so that I get to see Mercedes GP…my fav team this season. Of course there are the other front runners like Ferrari, Mclaren-mercedes and Red Bull Racing too…Michael Schumacher is back and driving for Mercedes GP! Yay! Cant wait to see the legend back behind the wheel after retiring for 3 years. Even if he doesnt start winning yet, its just damn good to see him drive again…Not forgetting Sebastian Vettel, a favourite for this year’s title in Red Bull racing and Fernando Alonso seems very at home in Ferrari

Cant wait to see them blitz the corners of SIC.

Biotherm Homme Race to Gain Facebook Page



  1. EVo

    What’s ur top score bro?

    smashpOp Replies:

    forgot d lol didnt submit

  2. aaron

    vroooooom. U going F1?

    smashpOp Replies:

    nope. r u?

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  4. Azrin


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