Birthday at San Francisco

weeeee the last birthday celebration for this year…

Dinner with my parents.. at San francisco Steakhouse, Midvalley.

We went there quite early.. at about 6pm… so it was still quite empty

ok yummymummy food time.

my dad had a sharksfin soup and i had a bowl of prawn bisque. didnt take photos of those.. but I can say that the Prawn Bisque from ‘Delicious’ in Bangsar Village and 1U tasted better.

Dad ordered this. RM29.90

Mum always order this… hmm.. maybe she likes seafood too much. RM42.90

This one’s mine! Yummmmmm ahahah I love lamb shanks. This one was good… but can be improved… the lamb shank should be braised longer… anyways… its RM29.90

Then I had dessert.

This one sux. RM12.90

ok lah… overall not bad. Recommended.

ok… one more restaurant covered.

Where else after this? Did I go to another state to enjoy good food? 😀


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