Birthday Quan Marche

Few days before my birthday, I met up with my friends from MMU to have dinner at Marche.

It was supposed to be an ordinary dinner when suddenly it all changed into a birthday dinner.. ahha i got presents.. i got cakes! 😀

more pics

look at all the yummymummy food! 😀 thanks 9ary for spending us these nice food 😛

A close up of the pasta. This one damn nice! must try

after eating, wailin and 9ary went to buy us some cute looking cakes. It was also brother Vic’s birthday 😛

While I was taking photos and enjoying the moment, the other group of friends kep calling to rush me to Puchong and meet them for ice cream/dessert.

Junn: Ah pOp! what time r u coming? already 1030pm!

Me: Coming coming! (when i was actually still posing n eating cake :P)

A group shot before we left. Thanks Vic, Wailin, Audrey and 9ary for celebrating with me.

then I rushed from The Curve to Puchong and managed to reach there at about 1130pm.

Chatted and laughed and snapped pics with the gang.

we were there til about 1am and then we went to eunice/eugene’s house to chat again.. he he.. wat a great day.


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