Birthday @ Souled Out

2 weeks ago, we all went to Souled out for dinner.

Another reason why we went there was to celebrate these 2 fella’s birthday.

haha this Jen fella’s bday was on the 29th and this Calvin fella’s bday was on the 28th!

Happy belated Birthday [email protected] ahah i wish dono how many times d 😛

ok from here onwards, be prepared to see a lot of faces in a photo… aka group camwhoring. lol

jeng jeng jeng

These are the ppl who went for the dinner that night.
GUYS L-R: Bryan, Albert, Calvin, Asyraf(squatting), Jed, Rames, ME!!!, Slinky
GIRLS L-R: Erin, Kelli, Munyee, Nat, Jen, Joan, Cheryl


ok finish story.

Tomoro going for training again, at Equine park… sighhhhhhhhh luckily its the last day already. hehe


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