Birthday & The Screening

The Siao gang celebrated Jacklyn and Eugene’s birthday yesterday at La Casa Restaurant at Desa Park City.

Here are 2 photos from the dinner. The rest will be up in February.

The birthday duo

The usual gang… the Siao Gang. ehhe (Adrian, Jed, Eugene, Hikaru, Me, Junn, Eunice, Jacklyn & Jen)

OK Now lets get back to our Ugly Truth screening photos.

After dinner, all of us went to get tickets at the cinema and to meet up with other bloggers.

We then camho-d kao kao non stop!

All Js! Jonathan, Jason, Joshua, Joshlim, Jess, Jiawen, Jason. Woot@

Met ZHAOOOO, Zoe n CheeMeng on the day. Jiawen pulak kacau tumpang photo. lol

Finally it was time to enter the halls… took a last group shot of everyone around before entering.


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  1. November 24, 2009

    lu lai lu siao to your photos d.
    can see many lengzai and lenglui haha

  2. November 25, 2009

    eiiiyyeeerr i’m sooo jealous! pls don’t tell me that’s free!

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