Blackberry Fans Party I Was At

Few months ago I was invited to a Blackberry fans party held at Tophat Restaurant in KL. It was held for the BB fans from the community to gather and also a ceremony to present some prizes to them.

Some fans won a Blackberry phone yo! So lucky.

There were a few more winners that night… and then we also had a game!

All the attendees were given a number and we were supposed to be grouped according to the number we were holding in our hands. I was in group 11.

These are my team mates! nice knowing them 😀

I have actually posted a short video of the game we played that night in my POPVID #3. Watch it if you wanna know what games we played..

During the makan session, Jaclyn and I went on stage and camho-d. lollll

Took a shot with Eric, Andrew from Blackberry Singapore and Charlie before I left the party.

Eddyhan and gf were there too! OK thats it.



  1. TZ

    I’m also BB user but not to say it’s FAN… Coz i was asked to carry BB with me all the time. Of coz for business :p

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