BlackBerry Playbook Media Preview Event

Today is such a great day for tech/geek media in KL as we got invited to an exclusive preview session of the upcoming BlackBerry Playbook at Bridge Bar, G Tower few hours ago.

This is a post about the event itself. Detailed review, photos and video of the tablet will be up on DISCOVRPOP soon.

As I went up to the 28th floor not knowing if I was at the right place, I was assured by this notice… with the bridge behind this notice, I started to get excited as the Blackberry tablet will soon appear in front of my eyes. 😛

The bridge bar looked awesome as usual, not forgetting the breathtaking KL view from top.

The star of the evening, the tablet which has been debated for all this while, the 7″ BlackBerry Playbook made it appearance right before my eyes. It looks really good, as you can see from this photo above.

How can I not pose with the device, hehe. Grabbed it and struck a few poses for the camera hahaha. The size is just right for 1 hand. Not too big like the iPad and not too small like our phones.

Ben, the Blackberry PR personnel giving us a demonstration of a device + showing us how the HDMI output works. It’s a 2-way HDMI connection allowing us to view the contents from the tablet on our TV and vice versa.

Throughout the evening, I was taking photos, recording videos and playing with it to prepare a review post for, my tech/mobile blog. So head on there tomorrow or the day after for exclusive tech details, reviews and video demo of the device in close up.

The availability and price for the Blackberry Playbook is not yet confirmed… hence I cannot tell you anything about that…

First impressions of the Playbook?
– Very solid body. Comfortable to hold. Lightweight.
– Interface is very responsive, smooth and does not lag at all.
– Multitasking works like a charm, with Need For Speed, video player, music, browser and some other apps running in the background.
– Back camera (5mpx) works great, sharp images, bright and front camera (3mpx) looks great too.

More info check back at on DISCOVRPOP soon.



  1. christock

    woooo sexaaay

    smashpOp Replies:

    like me? LOLLLLL

  2. saimatkong

    Can I get one? Haha I wanna PLAY! =)

    smashpOp Replies:

    can. before you PLAY u just need to BUY. lolooo

  3. whswee

    Galaxy tab or playbook better? 🙂

    smashpOp Replies:

    erm… same same lol

  4. RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Media Preview |

    […] There were several units for attendees to play with, while a live demo by a ‘non-technical’ person was done via HDMI output to a LCD screen. There were many familiar faces from the tech scene there to experience the tablet first hand, including celebrity Daphne Iking, who was there shooting a segment for her show. The posh yet business-like venue was perfect for the preview. We spent a good 2 hours there. My first impressions coming in the next post. In the meantime, check out coverage by Advertlets bloggers – Rebecca Saw and […]

  5. Timmy

    cool one… 🙂
    btw love the last pic, SWEET~

    smashpOp Replies:

    thanks mate! 😀

  6. abdusfauzi

    i wonder does the HDMI output together with sound. does it?

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