Bleach DS

Now that I have pleased my N95, I hav no problems using it anymore. haha phones are so easy to please. 😀

but now I have another crisis…

my Nintendo DS…. it wouldnt let me play games… cos he is mad.. at me… for not showing off his games for months already.

sigh… wat to do… have to talk abit about the games that I was playing recently lor..

I have been playing Bleach since i got the DS but they were all in japanese…

recently the english version was annouced so I got it as soon as possible.

i brought it to office just now and Vilon grabbed it and played for hours… since I didnt get to play, I took photos and videos of the gameplay using my N95

Some screenshots

it supports up to 4 players in multiplayer mode.

all the powers they use in anime, can be used in the game too.. like summoning the Zanpakutou, Bankai… etc

on the bottom touchscreen, help cards and powers are displayed for easy access during gameplay

Here’s a video of Vilon playing Bleach DS: The Blade of Fate


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