Bloggers at Nandos

ok last part of the AMBP bloggers gathering.

it ended with 2 super group shots.


and 2.

Starbux better pay me for this. lol

we then walked in the link bridge to Midvalley….

while walking… Jen grabbed my alpha.. and camho-d.

we didnt wanna miss a shot of course. lol… see eugene’s expression ahhaa

i then wanna take another one .. so everyone gathered behind me before i took the photo 😀

okok we better get movin..

BUT! must take another shot first before continue… ahaha group shots so nice i wan take everyday 😀

and then we went lunch at Nando’s

that was the time we talked and joked like siao ppl… but.. we mmg siao la.. so don care. ahahha

a video


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