Breakfast in Singapore

so we arrived at Singaproe at about 7am… then we took a cab to Outram MRT and from there we went to Bugis…

then we found this kopitiam and had breakfast there.

seriously.. that place not bad. The wantan noodle i had rox.

We finished eating and still sitting there cos we were supposed to meet this Singapore blogger, Herbert… he is a photographer too.

He was a bit late. So we flipped thru the newspapers and found Hiro n Mohinder Suresh on the newspaper.

we look like both of them kan? (say yes)

then Herbert came… we took fotos.. n began our street photography session.. cos basically there was nowhere to go at 8am in the morning.

i know what this things is for… but i dono what ERP stands for. Anyone care to enlighten me?

then we continued walking and saw this backlane with multicoloured staircases.. instantly.. everyone said “lets take picture here!”

and I posed.

more siao pics tomorrow 🙂



  1. Fionatsl

    ERP = Electronics Road Pricing

    nitemare to drivers 😛

    smashpOp Replies:

    wow how did u land in my archive? lol

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