Breakout Launches In Malaysia, A Theme-Based Escape Game For Adventure Seekers

Ever thought of going for an adventure but don’t have the time or money to do it?
Have you ever thought of becoming a character from a thriller/action movie to feel how it’s like to be on a set?

No need to think anymore cos you can now enjoy all the above in the heart of Kuala Lumpur!

BREAKOUT is a new escape game recently opened in Avenue K and is for adventure seekers who likes solving puzzles, having fun with friends while trapped in confined spaces or even detective wannabes.

When they first launched just 2 months ago, they started off with 4 rooms with different themes:

This room is about a missing magician which needs to be caught. You and your friends will enter a magical world in order to find him. Difficulty level: 3/5.

This is a mysterious scientific room which is suitable for people who love science, physics and everything related to it. Difficulty level: 3/5.

This is an investigation case of a murdered body found in the bath tub. Highly difficult to solve. Difficulty level: 5/5.

When you and your friends enter this room, you will be put as imprisoned entertainer on stage whereby all your audience are puppets. Solve the clues in 45 minutes else you will be locked forever. Difficulty level: 4/5.

Just within 2 months, hundreds and thousands of fun people have tried BREAKOUT and everyone was left wanting more. According to some, Breakout is totally different from other escape games and the theme-based rooms give them a more complete experience.

Just some weeks back, I went to try out the MR OSWALD’s GREATEST SHOW room and I failed miserably and couldn’t escape within 45 minutes. ARGH! But it’s ok cos I will definitely return to break my own record!

Today, on exactly the 2-month anniversary, they launch a new room called PROJECT FALLOUT!

A Weapon of Mass Destruction is reported missing from the military guarded facility just on the outskirts of Northwood. Your job is to find out who stole the weapon. Difficulty level: 3/5.

This is a sneak peak into the PROJECT FALLOUT room. Shh!

Breakout @ Avenue K
L2-16 (Level 2), AVENUE K. Address: 156,
Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
(603) 2181-1835
[email protected]


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