Breathtaking Hong Kong Night Scene + Breakfast

Part 1: The Day I Travelled To Hong Kong Alone
Part 2: GongCha & Chicken Rice in Hong Kong
Part 3: Dead Fish & Hong Kong Market
Part 4: Dinner At The Peak of Hong Kong!

After the dinner we went up to the top of the building to check out the view of HongKong at night.

Breathtaking view!

So nice I had to pose a bit lol

We paid some entrance fee to enter the building to go up even higher.

Spend the night up there and back to hotel at midnight.

The next morning we gathered at the coffee house for breakfast

They were serving the usually stuff

Nom Nom Nom..

“We are ready for day 2 in HongKong.. bring it on!”




  1. alvin

    the view is so nice i just went last month couldn’t see anything because too much mist, want to ask u do u see tripod to capture the night view? =)

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