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One day, my colleagues and I went to try out this very well known restaurant called Fierce Curry House behind Bangsar LRT station.

We fell in love with the place straight away as the environment was unique.. service was good and most importantly.. the briyani was orgasmic!

I ordered this mutton briyani. Looked small portion at first..

When poured out, there was so much rice and meat! Awsm! The Briyani there cost about RM11 to RM18, depending if you want mutton, beef, chicken or fish.

Everyone of us liked the place so much we had to take a group shot outside the place HAHHAHA

*Not bad ah.. phone camera can take quite an acceptable photo indoor.

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  1. May 20, 2013

    Briyani can cost up to $10 USD in the states! RM18 is such a deal compared to here! Looks soo good! Also i’m a long time lurker on your site!

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