Bulgogi Burger! Paradise Hotel!

So after few hours of flight, we arrived at Incheon airport at about 1130pm. Here are some photos taken using my iPhone as my dslr was still in the bag the whole time.

The moment I walked out from the plane, I a bit jakun so I took photos with the Korean signage on the floor ahhaha

Here’s a video I recorded while walking in the airport.

On the side of the train platform they had this white box containing an iPad. lol

Before leaving the airport, we were told that there were no restaurants nearby the hotel and that we should buy McD first. So we went and I was shocked to see BULGOGI BURGER!!!!!!!!!!! It’s the best burger in the world. The meat is tender and soft, sweet with some special gravy and everything just tasted AWESOME. Don’t miss it if you happen to be in Korea.

We couldnt resist we finished eating even before getting on the bus. lol

At about 1215am.. we took the bus which drove us to the hotel.

We stayed here for 2 days.

Nice room eh?

Guess what we did after we settled our stuff at about 1am.. check back tomorrow!



  1. joosing

    Weeeeee.. im coming KOREA!!!!

  2. Albert Ng

    LOL I thought you were excited because there was an iPhone 4 sign at the McDonalds menu!

  3. khaisim


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