Bunkface @ Flyniversary

So after Ewin’s bday dinner, we went out of 1U for the Flyniversary event and when we arrived, Bunkface was about to perform.

We quickly entered the media section and took some photos.

Close up!

Here’s a video I shot using my phone.

NEXT UP! Desserts in 1U!

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  1. February 24, 2010

    Smash, you too near the speakers liao. LOL! 😛

    smashpOp Replies:

    YALAAAAAA ahahahahhah just next to it. loll

  2. February 24, 2010

    You are really a concert kaki, pOp. Haha 😉

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahha where got.. so ngam jek. lolll

  3. February 26, 2010

    damn nice the video hahaha but then the iphone bass a bit too boom boom boom

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