Busy Saturday

Hi all!

How was your saturday?

I woke up at 8 this morning and went to ofice to finish up some stuff (i dont work on saturdays… only today)

then at about 11am.. Hikaru came to my office and then we went to Sunway Pyramid…

but halfway.. he met an accident.. minor one so he had to go lodge report.. and I continued my journey to the Shout Out Gathering at Sunway Pyramid.

Met lotsa crazy bloggers from KL and Penang. ahahhha

then at about 5pm I went to 1U to meet up with Rames, Jen, Cherrie and Jacklyn. Went shopping… then 7pm went to Italiannies to meet the rest of the gang to celebrate Steph and Cheryl’s birthday.

What’s up tomorrow? hmmmm I wonder.

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