Buzz Lightyear n me

I am writing on behalf of the Lee’s family in awakening of the tragic Slim River Bus Crash incident. Lee Nian Ning (1987-2008) and 2 other people have passed away from this horrific incident. Nothing we can do to turn back the time but there is one thing we can do which is to prevent such incident from repeating again.

Seriously, we have heard too much of these reckless drivers causing death thoughout the year… dont you think someone should do something?

Please, if you would like to help, just sign this PETITION or you can visit the BusCrashNoMore blog.

so what happened at Tomorrowland?

It’sthe futuristic section of Disneyland and one of the attractions was the Astro Blaster, featuring Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

Other than the blaster ride, we can also queue up to take foto with Buzz Lightyear himself!

the hat damn expensive ok. she sure is rich. haha

and after queueing for 30 minutes… i finally get to meet Buzz!

ahahahhaha happy

then we went to the main street.. and we saw chipmunks… but the queue was damn long…


lidis lor. ahahhahaha

and suddenly…. everyone stopped moving.

the whole place was in total silence.

i looked at my mumn asked “whats happening?”

mum said “dono. just wait and see”

i could hear people screaming… at the beginning of the street… but i couldnt figure out wat was happening.

I saw people running away… some towards the scene.

i heard a voice whispering to me “they are coming…”



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