Cakes, Cards n Presents

This is post no.4 from our birthday dinner at flying Chillies 3 months ago.

After all the camhoring…. it was time for the cake cutting ceremony…. I was given a card first.. with everyone’s birthday wishes in it… nice 😀

then the cake appeared…. with everyone singing happy birthday to us. 😀

After the candle blowing.. eating and chatting, Jen passd us our presents… guess what’s in the boxes….

I took another shot with my presents.

Woot they know we love to buy new clothes… so they did the job for us.. ahaha topman! Best!

Got this from Rames. Thanks!

… and lastly…

A super big group shot. Thanks all for coming!..



  1. EVo

    4 posts! i gota learn how to split up my post like this wei.. happy 3-months-ago bday dude!

    ahmike Replies:

    You can do it lol 😀

  2. cHrIstInA_YY

    LoL, love the pic u laughing and holding ya bday present!!!

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