Camwhores n camgolos

Finally! some photos of us camwhores n camgolos from Jazz Fest friday. ahah

Top left: Kellster. (cool girl… can really talk alot.. especially when her buddy Natalie is around. ahha)

Top right: Calvism. (I’m still not used to his capless face. WEar cap la calvin! if not kenot recognise u ahah)

Bottom left: Erin. (A fun girl to talk to.. stays in KL but more familiar with PJ area. wtf? lol)

Bottom right: Sherve. (Didnt get to talk much with her that night… well at least we took pictures together kan?)

Bryanboy, or… was it bryan.. something… hmm ur a boy right, Bryan boy?

Asyraf the pro photographer.. aahha okok u have more than 1 cari makan tool. Happy? 😛

Ivan. He used to be a bit quiet when i met him at first.. but now he is damn happening edi.. woot!


Slinky made this pose famous among us now. ahah (L-R)ME!!!, TikLoon, Ah slink

tikLoon, ME!!!, Jen the future D80 owner, Ivan, Kellster n Calvin.

phew… finally done with jazz fest. Cant wait for tomorrow’s post!! :P(hint: see my profile photo)


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