Casino Royale Gang

ok Star cruise pics will be back after this.

so last night we went to watch Casino Royale at Midvalley.

16 of us went… nearly conquered the whole row. hehe

Top row(L-R): Scott, CK, Aaron, CalvinTay, BryanChin
Middle row(L_R): Ryan, Jenifer, Cherrie, Slinky, Easy’s fren, Easy
Bottom row(L-R): Rames, Yow, Kelli, Nat, ME!!!

Very weird combination of friends… some r bloggers… some r colleagues from Astro.. one is my boss, one from Microsoft… 2 were cherrie’s family.. haha

but then everyone made frens with one another.. a good thing.

ok pics from my cruise will resume tomoro


My say about the movie? no gadgets… no chun chiqs… ugly james bond…. aston martin appeared for only 1 scene.

2.5 out of 5


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