Catbit @ TwentyOne

Fuahhhhhhhh I just came back not long ago… and it’s already super late.

Had to rush to post photos from the event just now… luckily got Streamyx… connection damn fast.. upload photos also damn fast… ahahhahaha no need potong potong also no problem.

Ok MTV World Stage photos will be up tomoro, for now let’s have a look at some photos I took at TwentyOne bar just now for the Catbit FashFab event.

Once again, like every other first thursdays of the month, twentyone kitchen+bar on changkat bukit bintang brings yet another themed event at fash fab, a platform to show support local fashion designers and entrepreneurs. for the month of november fash fab features affordable fashion retailer catbit boutique, showcasing the black magic masquerade collection.

[This is just a quick update. Full details and more photos will be up in January]

Arrived at this place at about 10pm… and the place was filled with people until no space to walk about ahahha

Coco saw me and quickly came over for a shot. Hello Coco.. 😀

The usual buddies were there too!

Ok not long after that the fashion show thingymajig started.

Chun or not the models and the dresses.. hehe

Met up with Amanda and Mynjayz after the fashion show.

The event ended and we went for makan makan at Jalan Alor.

Some info on Catbit:

Catbit boutique was founded by Vincent Ng, a local entrepreneur who ventured into the fashion retail field and has built a chain of affordable fashion retail stores with a steady growth just under two years. Importing the latest designs from korea, taiwan and japan, the brand prides itself in offering the latest fashion trends at an affordable price for the average shopper.

Under the umbrella of Catbit, there are six more brands located in Sungai Wang Plaza and Times Square. Catbit, Refresh, Cova, Gazebo, Moment, I Boutique, Myth and offer recessionistas work wear, casual apparels to dinner dresses and churns out a minimum of 120 designs per month to keep up with the ever changing trends, and maintaining their competitive edge in the market



  1. hitomi

    exclusive invites wo…tak ajak i

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahaha jgn cakap begitu 😛

    hitomi Replies:

    okay okay…next time beritahu saya juga

  2. Zhi Shan

    Coco u also know a? geng. Nice hair btw.XD

    coco Replies:

    LOL????ZHI SHAN?????? XD~*

    smashpOp Replies:

    aha just knew her that night

  3. Serena

    no wonder i saw u in the area last night.

    smashpOp Replies:

    oh didnt call…

    Serena Replies:

    was in the car on the way back when i saw you walking on the road..

  4. *pandaaa

    Yikes! I look horrible. The mere three hours of sleep I got the night before really shows on my face 🙁 Plus I look like I have long frizzy hair from the person at the back! =p

    smashpOp Replies:

    u look ok lah… lol oh yea i lol at the hair at the back

  5. thenomadGourmand

    Hello Jason!!
    Great write up & gorgeous pics!! Thanks for coming!


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