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I miss Gold Coast

All the Monte Carlo posts remind me of my trip to Gold Coast Australia 3 years back. Let’s look back at some of the photos I took there and relive the memories!!!!!!! Btw… these photos are extracted from my old posts taken using the Panasonic FZ5. When we were on the way to Gold Coast, […]

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Popcrap Saturday

As we mark the end of my fotos for DAY 1 Sydney, let’s have some POPCRAPs! 😀 Today we have 3 of ’em. POPCRAP 1 Guess what people! Again, I found an interesting site to share with you guys. Lol Its called eoe online. If you like photo gallery, buy-sell features, and chances to win […]

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pOppin Youth08

We were also given RM30 iTalk credits! With these credits, I can spend them to buy MOJIKAN Dollars which can be used to buy my MOJI special treats and make it happy. I can also use the credits to call my friends and family and chat kao kao cos its super cheap!!!! At super low […]

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