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What Happened In May, Stays In May

It’s always fun to look at what your life was like half a year ago. As usual, my postings are always 6 months ago. This one, is actually more then 6 months, lol! Not sure why but there are too many photos to post that the updates here cannot catch up. Anyway, here are some […]

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Somers May Be The One

Long long time ago, there was a big tree behind the house of a girl named Sarah. Every morning, the tree would look down her house and see her leave for school. In the evening, the tree would see her come back from school. As time goes by, Sara started hanging out the tree a […]

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Sinbad is not bad

So a while back, Kevin and Dennis invited my to join them to check out the Sinbad musical which took place at KLPAC. After a short moment of consideration, the 30% of acting genes in me say GO GO GO! So there I was and here are the photos! The view is as beautiful as […]

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Ba Ba Ba, Baba Nyonya!

So a few months ago, I was at DPAC for a showcase organised by the awesome NikiCheong and it was a collab between him and a few local artists to tell stories of Baba Nyonya lifestyle via photos. It was also my first time visiting this place! A little intro by Niki. Some of us […]

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