How many cafes can one visit and eat at all of them? We tried. It was crazy!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

So a while back, 2 Singaporean buddies of mine came to KL to hang out and to check out the cafes in town.
As a very welcoming friend and a very awesome one, I brought them to a few. We tried fitting as many as we could.

Here are some photos from the cafes we went to.

One of cafes we visited was Underground Societe. Tried their alcoholic coffee and stuff. Had desserts. It was nice.

Gotta pose a bit before moving on to the next location.

Suddenly we felt like eating pizza and pasta. So we dropped by Jibby & Co in Subang.

The food was so good! Maybe cos we were hungry.

Next was to The Front Door at Petaling street.

Had their toasts with all sorts of toppings.

Yum! Actually we went to a few more but let’s just keep those photos for another day. :)

That lunch I had with the most awesome bunch of colleagues I ever encountered

Friday, March 18th, 2016

This is a super throwback post but it’s still worth posting cos the people involved are still one of the ‘funnest’ colleagues I ever worked with.

We had lunch at Metal Box Cafe. It was actually a farewell lunch for one of the ‘now ex-colleague’.

I ordered this. One of my favourite item from the menu. What is it? Check out #smashpoprates!

These girls were the most in-trend, joke-able, and family-est girls in the company. See how everyone’s Instagrammer side came out after lunch? haha

How can I not be part :D

Long story short, everyone in this pic is awesome :)

This Front Door Is Not Your Usual Front Door

Friday, February 19th, 2016

So many many.. many months back, I checked out this cafe along Petaling Street called The Front Door. The heritage outlook and casual interior looked perfect for a cafe. Guess that’s why it attracted many visitors, both local and foreign.

Apparently, this cafe is catered mostly to backpackers who stays along that street!

Ordered flat white, as usual. It was ok. Tasted like everywhere else.

Had breakkie meal and one of their popular toasts too!

I quite like the raw interior. Seems very trendy nowadays.

At the back of the cafe, there was a passage way. Where does it lead too? Hmmm… not telling :D

2015′s Top 10 Cafe Food In Kuala Lumpur, As Rated By @smashpop

Monday, January 4th, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! Since we have entered a new year, it’s always good to check out the best and the most awesome stuff from 2015.

In this post, we check out the top 10 “#smashpoprates” cafe food in Kuala Lumpur.

Note that these are just food that were featured on @smashpop’s Instagram only. The rating is subjective, based on individual’s taste and preferences.

1. #smashpoprates 9/10: Loco Local: pancakes w coconut, caramelized banana, caramel ice cream & Gula Melaka syrup. Fluffy, addictive. 1 of the best I’ve tried. RM15.

Munching Mob Cafe

2. #smashpoprates 9/10: Chargrilled chicken leg w mashed potato n corn salad. Super yummy omg! Perfect combo. RM18.


3. #smashpoprates 9/10: Pan-seared thick toasts w berries, pistachio & gula melaka. Gr8 texture n taste. Crunchy yet soft RM15

Metal Box Restaurant & Cafe

4. #smashpoprates 9/10: Classic Golden. Crunchy outside, fluffy inside. Very aromatic batter. Best waffle Ive tried in Malaysia to date. RM8

Fishee Coffee

5. #smashpoprates 8.5/10: Croissant w turkey ham & gruyere cheese. Croissant is crunchy n fluffy. Very fragrant cheese. Ham is smoky. Yum! Kinda exp tho. RM16

Kenny Hills Bakers

6. #smashpoprates 8.5/10: Red rice, BBQ chicken, sausage, black beans & eggs. Very big portion. Unique combi of asian n western. RM20

Bandits Coffee Bar

7. #smashpoprates 8.5/10: Belgian waffles w sides of ice cream, berry jam, choc sauce & whipped cream. Great texture, nice to look at. RM11.9

Le Pont Boulangerie

8. #smashpoprates 8.5/10: The Dark Side: choc crepe w dark choc spread, orange caramel & icecream. So good, so yumz! Recommended. RM10

Strangers At 47

9. #smashpoprates 8.5/10: Pan seared chicken, capsicum, hashbrown & salad wrapped in chili flaked crepe. SO YUM! Must try. RM17

Strangers At 47

10. #smashpoprates 8.5/10: Twin fried portobello mushrooms, hashbrown, poached eggs, beef bacon & toast. Satisfying & yummy. Big portion. Best to share. RM24

Mr & Ms. Cafe

So there you go! Follow @smashpop on Instagram for more awesome stuff.
If you have any other recommendations, do leave them in comments below :)

4FINGERS Crispy Chicken Opens 1st Outlet In Mid Valley Megamall, Malaysia

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

So I was at the VIP launch of 4FINGERS last night at Midvalley and got to try out everything on their menu along with other guests.
They started off in Singapore in 2009 and I’ve always liked their crispy chicken since the first time I tried it early last year.

So this was the crowd last night. The outlet is located in LG floor, few lots away from KFC.

4FINGERS now officially has 7 stores in Singapore and according to them, the chicken is always delivered fresh to their outlets daily and each piece are hand-painted with their proprietary sauces that are free of MSG and preservatives.

Their signature wingettes and drummettes, which can come in either soy sauce, hot or mixed. It tasted really really crispy and I really like the hot flavoured one as the soy is kinda too salty for me. The wingettes were very flavourful and super addictive as well. I can finish a box of 12 pcs by myself definitely. Haha!

Then there’s this Chicken Katsu Sandwich that comes with their signature chicken and house-made kimslaw in crispy buns. If you are not into chicken wings and love kimchi, then you have to order this.

Happy faces. We ordered non stop! For a 4FINGERS lover, I really enjoyed the free flow food last night. LOL

Look at all the food we ordered! Oh and these were just half of it. hehe

Oh they also have crispy calamari which is also a hot seller, probably for those who prefers seafood. It was crispy on the outside and tangy inside. Simmered with soy sauce, some pieces can be too salty.

I personally would order the chicken drumsticks instead of the wings cos they are meatier and bigger. We can choose from 3 options as well; soy, hot, mix.

Here’s the menu.

LG-074A, Lower Ground Floor,
Midvalley Megamall.

My First Visit To Rocket Coffee Bar, Bangkok

Monday, November 16th, 2015

So the next day we were in Bangkok, we went down to the hotel cafe for breakfast.

This rack of bread is so Instagrammable!

What to eat, what to eat…

They have waffles. :D

For lunch, we visited Rocket Coffee Bar… one of the more popular cafes in Bangkok.

The interior is so nice. Very Kinfolk style

I had this.!

When I Grow Up, I Want To Stay In This Orphanage

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Continuing from my previous post, my first day in Bangkok was when I visited one of the most popular orphanage in Thailand, Mr. Jones Orphanage.

The outlet that I went to was located inside Siam Center.

This is it! The orphanage that everyone talks about.

It’s basically a dessert cafe with LOTS and LOTS of cakes.

The cafe was flooded with people when we were there. Finally got a table after queueing for 30 mins.

While waiting for my dessert to be served, I went to check out the cakes. Cookie Monster!

The waffles with cream and strawberries I had was to die for. Paired with a cup of coffee. Wowwweee!

I Travelled To Bangkok & My Name Was On The Envelope

Saturday, September 26th, 2015

So many many many many months back, I travelled to Bangkok with my parents and we stayed at Grand Hyatt. It was a very pleasurable stay as the services and treatment from the hotel crew was awesome. Thanks AGODA & Grand Hyatt for this.

So when we arrived at the airport, we were driven to the hotel in this car.

After all the welcoming gestures, we were brought into our rooms.

It’s always nice to see your name on the welcome note envelope. :)

A very strategic location for the hotel. It was just a stone throw away from CentralWorld!

Around noon, we walked over to the malls and checked out the streets.

One of the best tomyum and padthai I has was at TalingPling. This outlet was at CentralWorld but they do have outlets all over Bangkok.


Tasted My 1st Wagyu Beef on Himalayan Salt Rock at Impiana KLCC & It Was AMAZING!

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

This is a continuation post of my experience at Cedar on 15, Impiana KLCC.

Being one of the few roof-top restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, it offers an unforgettable and exclusive dining experience which has a panoramic view of the city’s skyline it is also trendily designed with a spacious show kitchen, a private dining room, a U-shaped bar.

One more soup that I had apart from the 2 from previous post.

This is Clear Essence of Angus Beef soup with Quail Egg. RM32. The soup looks like the usual broth we drink during dinner but when I tasted it, I was wowed. It is actually a little thick, and has very nice taste and aroma of beef. We couldn’t resist but to finish the whole pot! If you love beef, then you will definitely love this one.

We then moved on to the star of the day, Wagyu Beef on Himalayan Salt Rock! The beef is actually cooked on a pre-heated rock salt slab which is believed to be a healthy way to prepare, which is also fun to the meal lah :D

The Himalayan Rock Salt slabs are permanently heated in the oven. This method of cooking will lower blood pressure as no cooking oil is used. It is recommended that the Wagyu Beef is placed on the rock salt slab for five minutes. The meat will absorb more saltiness if left longer on the rock salt slab.

This dish is served with black peppercorn gravy sauce with cherry tomatoes, potato fondant and grilled vegetables. Cedar on 15 is the only restaurant in Kuala Lumpur to be using Himalayan Rock Salt. Wagyu Beef is priced at RM115 nett (per 200g). This promotion is available all year round.

Another amazing dish was the Pumpkin Seed Crusted Black Cod. The fish was pan-fried, served with mushroom tomato chutney, fennel mousse and Sugar Pea Snaps. Best served with hazelnut oil. RM78.

Desserts time! Chocolate Molten Cake is as expected. Yummy, warm and moist. With the addition of Strawberry Lime Liquor, it brings freshness and the sourness makes me want to continue to gobble down the molten cake. Perfect combo. RM35.

Last but not least, Homemade Vanilla Bean Marshmallow with Honey Ice-cream, Canache and Crumbs. This one is quite unique as the marshmallow on top is soft and a little sticky. It added fun to the whole experience of enjoying this dessert. Served with Chocolate Liqour. RM32.

For dining enquiries and reservations at Cedar on 15, Impiana KLCC Hotel, please call 03-21471111.
Or email at or go to:

Impiana KLCC Hotel
13 Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 60 3 2147 1111
Fax: 60 3 2142 6303

I had a mind blowing meal at Cedar on 15, Impiana Hotel. Here’s how it went.

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

First up, I’d like to thank Impiana Hotel for the invitation to enjoy such a fantastic meal.

For you reading this, you are about to check out new and signature dishes from Cedar on 15, a rooftop restaurant and bar in the said hotel.

First off, we had some buns.

They are served with Vom Fass oils, premium oils that goes very well with these buns and dishes that come after this. Now keep scrolling down please :)

The drink we had was Ice Tea of Impiana. Very refreshing, though it was kinda sweet. It’s a combination of lychee, monin cucumber and earl grey tea. RM22.

Cedar Salad: baby spinach with shaved Parmesan, toasted Pine Nuts & Mustard Walnut Vinaigrette. Best served with Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar. RM42.

Love this a lot! Fresh Burrata Cheese, air flown from Italy, served with Roma tomatoes and extra vergin Olive Oil. Best served with Basil Olive Oil. RM45.
The cheese is so fresh and soft. Love the texture of it when wrapped with Balsamic Gelee.

Here comes the soups! First up, we have Cream Of Topin Ambour with Truffle Oil and Bocconcini Cheese. RM38.
The texture is thick and creamy. The hint of Truffle adds to the whole experience and I totally recommended this if you happen to visit this place.

Porcini Mushroom Soup, with Creme Fraiche and Chervil. Best enjoyed with a few drips of Porcini oil. RM42.
This soup has strong mushroom flavour with generous amount of mushroom bits in the think cream, but I’d still recommend the Cream of Topin Ambour. :D

Stay tuned.

Impiana KLCC Hotel
13 Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 60 3 2147 1111