#pOpcrap » MilkCow, Cat In The Box & New Balance Run

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Such a long time since my last CRAP.


One of my favourite cafes in town recently is “Cat In The Box” in Empire Damansara. Love the interior, the calmness of the ambience and of course, the coffee.
Give it a try if you happen to be nearby. The boss is very friendly too, just don’t knock her Ukulele around when you are playing with it.


Just last weekend I completed the New Balance run at Setia Alam. Now looking forward to StanChart half Marathon in Singapore!


Latest craze in town is definitely this one. MilkCow serves soft milk icecream topped with stuff like honeycomb, mararons, cotton candy and other random stuff. Quite pricey tho.. around RM11-RM13.
It’s at the Lower Ground floor of The Gardens Mall, in front of the supermarket.

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People In Kuala Lumpur Eat Burgers & Drink Coffee

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

‘So what do people in KL do when they are free on weekends or at night?’, an overseas friend asks me.

‘Well, we drink coffee and eat burgers’.

Looking at the photos I took after I came back from Barcelona, in March, I did both. So here are some photos taken in March of me drinking coffee and eating burgers.

One night, we were at Garage 51, Bandar Sunway, enjoying the coffee and chatting with the friendliest crew ever from the cafe.

On another night, I was enjoying this burger with peanut butter and bacon at Burgertory, SS15 Subang.

I forgot which weekend was this back in March but it was then my first time visiting Pulp in Bangsar.

Oh KL people likes to pose for Instagram too.

A shot of PULP from outside. So do you drink coffee and eat burgers?

Coffea Burgertory Kwan!

Monday, September 29th, 2014

So after all the temple, visiting and Penang action, it was time to have some random meetups and makan outings to end CNY. Here are 3 towards the end of the festive.

Met up with Eujuin when he came back to KL. Had coffee at Coffea.

CNY closing lousang at Madan Kwan!

Social teammates.

Coffee with Davies at Garage51

Dinner at Burgertory SS15. One of the best indie burger place I’ve been to in KL.

These 2 bowls are the mother of all attractions in Penang

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

After Chew Jetty, we stopped by Joo Hooi, a very popular ‘kopitiam’ in Penang where the famous Asam Laksa and Cendul stalls are located. These are probably the big reason why many people go to Penang.

As we know, Penang is famous for the food but no one would come to the island without slurping the icy cold cendul and sweet, sour, spicy assam laksa.

This ends my posts on my CNY trip to Penang. Til then. SLURP!

The Birthday Lunch At Food Foundry

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

It was my first time dining at Food Foundry. Heard a lot about this place and finally got to check out the place when we celebrated Karen’s birthday back in January.

When we arrived, it was packed. So we waited for quite a bit before getting this table. Hungry yo!

Ordered this. Quite small portion. Pfft.

The latte. RM11. Average.

Since the whole table was filled with girls, we took some time to chit chat after eating. Hehe

Say hello to my teammates. :D

So is food foundry worth checking out? Well, if it was 2013, yes. But there are so many other restaurants with similar ambience and better food nowadays so I guess there is no need to check out this place if you haven’t.

In case you still wanna go try their food, here’s the address:
BG-8 Jalan 17/13,
Seksyen 17,
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Coffee at VCR on a rainy day

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

When I first heard about VCR back in January, I was as curious as a goat. As I kept seeing people posting Instagrams of this cafe called VCR.

‘Isn’t VCR the old school video cassette recorder?’ Apparently, it’s a cafe in Jalan Galloway (opposite Pudu Jail) and it’s quite awesome.

This happened backed in January, during my first visit to the 2-storey cafe. I ‘jio’ Lynnd to join me as she’s into checking our new stuff as well.

It was raining that day… and it established a very chilling mood for coffee drinking.

The flatwhite was OK, not too strong.. probably it was a single shot… but the cake was good. We ordered the Kings, which was a peanut butter-banana cake.

We sat on the 2nd floor. They managed to extend the top floor using this glass container-like thingymajig.

The stairs to the ground floor. My personal fav spot is actually the little table by the window on the right.

Bumped into David and his friends there. It was their first time in VCR too.

We kinda spent most of the time at the balcony on the top floor cos it was awesome lol

The super popular angle for Instagrammers… from the stairs.

The Farewell At Marmalade & Coffee Société

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

So back in December, our intern Amri was leaving the company. So a few of us brought him out to Publika for lunch and coffee and gave him awesome memories of us and stuff.

We went for lunch at Marmalade Cafe. The girls, Eva, Eliza and Karen. Somehow girls like to sit together.. why ah?

Pesto looked good.

Amri is a funny intern. lol.. You see his face you know he is funny. I hope. >_>

I think I ordered this.

Then we went over to Coffee Société for.. u know.. coffee.

I think back then they just introduced this drink. So we all tried. :D

Missing That Latte Place

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Many many months back, I found out about a cafe in Ampang called ‘That Latte Place’ and I decided to go try the coffee and breakfast there.

These were photos taken during my first visit and to be honest, it was one of the best cafe/breakfast place I’ve been to so far.

It was actually a small hut churning out great coffee and food like eggs benedict and pancakes for customers who come and sits at the few tables they placed under the rambutan tree.

See! Rambutans!

The flat white here tasted smooth, not super milky and it comes in a cup larger than many cafes out there. Nicely done art too.

Check out the pancakes! They were really fluffy and stuff.

Before we move on with the eggs benedict photo, here’s a random photo I took there lol

OK lets continue. Check out the hollandaise sauce! Basically the cafe felt very breezy as it is outdoor and was under a big tree. Food looked good and tasted awesome.

Too bad, they have closed down and have been waiting for them to re-open somewhere else. :(

#pOpcrap – Yeast, Lumia 930 & BreadFruits

Sunday, July 27th, 2014


Had this simple yet awesome breakfast at YEAST, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. If you wanna experience good service, have French chefs make your food and superb coffee, do check it out.


Got a new toy this week! The new Nokia Lumia 930. Stay tuned to discovr.smashpop.net for review!


My brunch yesterday at BreadFruits, Desa Sri Hartamas. Very fresh ingredients and juices.

#pOpcrap » Dashing Colour Thai Fish & Chips Run

Sunday, May 25th, 2014


One of the recent dinners I had. Absolute Thai. Yummy!


Had fish & chips for brunch yesterday. It was so good. You guys should check it out. Nemo Fish & Chips Cafe @ Plaza Mont Kiara.


Joined the Dash Of Colour run this morning. It was fun but the colour doesn’t come off from our body! OMG.