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My previous posts hav been archived. No more slow loading! ahah To view them, please click “older posts” at the bottom of the page. Went to lunch at Puchong today with some colleagues. Some pictures of the ‘attendies’.. Me me me! ahah wearing Naomi’s pink sunglasses.Naomi posing and Kim taking photo with his T7.Rames posing […]

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Dry Doom Noodle

I GOT DOOM TICKETS!! its for tonight.. premiering at 9pm at MidValley. Anyone wants to join me? hehe Went to Sri Petaling for lunch just now. I had dry curry noodles. They look good.. and they tasted good too 🙂

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Train Tickets

Took leave from work today and went to KL Sentral to buy train tickets for Albert, Brandon, Cherrie, Jen and me.. cos WE R GOIN TO SINGAPORE!!Seldom buy so many tickets.. thats y i took a pic right after i left the and took some photos while i was still there.This is just one […]

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wanted to have lunch at cafetaria today since im broke… but since im off tomoro.. so might as well eat outside with the gang.had briyani with mutton n vegetables.. nice….

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Tiny earthlings n KFC

Went to KFC for lunch today with Jen, Cherrie, William and Albert.Then we ordered the 15 piece bucket that came with a bottle of Pepsi Tarik, some muffins, mashed potatoes and coleslaw.Pepsi Tarik. I thought it was a mixture of teh tarik and Pepsi.. but then realised it was just normal pepsi with a lil […]

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Burger King

Went to burger king midvalley for lunch just now with ryan, aaron, nelsen, jen and cherrie.Ryan was fasting so he just sat there doing nothing while we were happily enjoying our food.Then Aaron wants to buy milk for his daughter so we tagged along.And i took damn a lot of pictures of people, trolleys and […]

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