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Inception is Mind Blowing

Just came back from watching INCEPTION. A movie dubbed as the best this year, a mind blowing science fiction action movie not to be missed and everything else along the line. It’s directed by Christopher Nolan, a genius director famous for movies such as Dark Night, The Prestige (2006), Batman Begins (2005) and many more. […]

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My Parra Zombieland!

Just came back from Advertlets screening of ZOMBIELAND!!!!!!!!!! Superbly funny…. superbly gross…. superbly shocking. Lamest funny movie I’ve seen this year. It’s so lame it’s interesting.. ahah I dono what I’m talking about… but ITS A MUST WATCH! I rate it 8/10. It’s basically a movie about this guy trying to survive in a world […]

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My SX4

On the 11th July 09, I was chatting online with Calvin… both of us were bored. We had nothing to do and thought of goin for a photoshoot. We didnt know where to go as we’ve been to most places in KL. Then Calvin said “why dont u drive ur car out then we shoot […]

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My New Tamron Lens!

Just now after work… at about 630pm… was driving in the rain… so heavy I could barely see the car in front of me. Sky was dark… clouds were scary.. I so wanted to be at home…. but I stayed on the road…. I stayed on and forced myself through the vehicles honking one another […]

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Mojo Lunarglide Cortez

On 10th April, Josh invited me to a lunch meet up with reps from Tourism Australia at the Asian Heritage Row. We went up to their office and met up with Belinda, the 2 reps and another blogger… then went to this place called Mojo for makan makan. I ordered one of the set lunch… […]

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