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Pirates Discovred pOpvids!

POPCRAP 1 Went to Pirates Of the Carribbean few days ago at 1U. I think it was as boring as part 3. LOL. Too little actions.. jokes not funny enough.. basically I felt like I didnt watch anything at all after the movie ended. Rate is 6.5/10. POPCRAP 2 Have you visited my TECH/MOBILE blog […]

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Mama Day, Rage Article, pOpvid 16

Sunday is just another pOpcrap dayyyyyyyyyyyy POPCRAP 1 Here’s a Mother’s Day with to alll the mama’s in the world, especially my own mama. hehe POPCRAP 2 My 2nd article was published on The Star R.age last week yo! CLICK HERE TO READ POPCRAP 3 Have you watched my 16th episode of POPVID yet? Watch […]

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