Chasing Plane




here comes BANDUNG! brought to you exclusively by me.(who else la kan)

This Bandung trip was actually a company paid trip… means free hotel n food.. and I went with hundreds of other colleagues as well. Colleagues from AMP (means the radio side n not TV side)

ok here goes.

so we all gathered in Astro at 3am in the morning… omg so early can die.

Then the busses came and fetched us to LCCT at about 3.30am.

at about 4.30am, we reached the airport and checked in our luggages to AirAsia.

Our flight was at 7am… so basically we had like 2 hours more to waste after that.

so we all went to have breatfast at McD. The whole place was filled with ppl from Astro.. ahha

then at about 6am we went to the departure hall and sat there to waste more time.

we then started recording videos of stupid stuff. ahaha. Kokgin wanted to be the show host and I recorded him. MUST WATCH!!!

Then at 7am…
WE CHASED THE PLANE! (dono if it was logical but basically.. we ran towards the plane… ahha got reason la.. watch the video you will n u will find out)

after all those stupid stuff we did… we finally settled down n were all ready to fly.

the duration of the flight was 2 hours.

and it was 7.30am… so we couldnt do anything else but sleep.

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? Come back tomorrow 😀


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