Checking In To Amazing Hotel In Seoul, Korea

A few more shots from Lotte World ok?

We took a ride on the ‘hot air balloon’ at the theme park yo!

Why did they have a parade when I was up in the air?? OMG I wanna go down and shoot!!!

Then it was dinner time… gotta say goodbye to the beautiful wonderland.

We met up with 2 representatives from Korean Tourism Organisation and they treated all of us to a buffet dinner ON TOP OF whatever we order from the menu at Sizzlers! WHOAH! Double dinner! lol

My main course.

At about 1030pm we all got tired and were brought to the hotel to check in.

It was an amazing hotel. First time I stayed in such an amazing hotel room. Check out the video below to find out.



  1. ah hong

    Ribs & Steak. Nais shot 😀

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