Cheesecake n Pudding

ok Steph-Cheryl Bday continues.. 🙂

final part la ok.

finally the food arrives…. but when I take foto.. suddenly got so many fingers around it. ahah

after eating… we all chilled a bit n i walked over to Asyraf’s side and take a lil group photo.

then the food servers gathered around us and sang bday song to the 2 aunties and gave us 2 pieces of cheesecakes and puddings..

again! slinky should be in this photo!!!

kesian Min Ern sitting at one corner… Cheryl and Kelli went to talk to him and I help them to snap a pic 😀

then Cherrie, Jen, Jacklyn went toilet…

Kelli went… somewhere…

Joan aka food lover left before i could snap her foto….

then someone else went out …

so the rest of us….. took a group photo. 😀


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