Cherries Birthday

on 12th this month, a few colleagues and I went to this Vietnamese Restaurant in Midvalley to celebrate Cherrie’s birthday.

Pics of us!

The usuals.

Then we talked n talked n talked until they served our food. 😀

Cherrie ordered this. Nice ah cherrie? Never let me try wan dat day.. cis.

Jen’s grilled chicken. Looks nice. ahha

the food there seriously damn nice. Set meals like this only cost about RM12 each. Worth a try. Seriously nice like dono wat.

After eating we gave the big pink box to Cherrie.

She was so happy to see that pink lil plush doggy.. and the pink scarf… and the pink belt… and the pink dress… and the pink card… and some pink wrapping paper.. oh look what Cherrie was wearing…

So happy or not Cherrie? sure u damn like those things cos they r PINK!!!

once again, Happy Belated Birthday, Cherrie.


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