Cheryl n Steph Bday

After meeting up with the ShoutOut gang at Sunway Pyramid, I then rushed over to 1 Utama to attend Steph and Cheryl’s birthday dinner at Italiannies.

The usuals were invited.. along with some new friends.

Food did not come as fast as normal days… which was good…. cos we got more time to take photos with one another 🙂

2 birthday girls and Kelli… Slinky was supposed to be in this photo cos it was his birthday too…. but too bad he is in Australia

My 2nd time meeting Benghan. Was great to be able to talk to him properly cos the last time we met in a rush… just hi wassup gtg bye ok cya

SengFoo aka Infectioner was there too! haha… finally get to meet up with him after so long reading his sarcastically funny messages in my tagboard

Jo aka jojoyuki… used to meet her quite often during those long long time ago punya meet ups..

these 2 buggers also damn long no c. Ivan the blur joker and Calvin the mr cool hairstyle

this one I see her like once a week during our yumcha sessions…. dowan talk about her lah… lazy. ahhaha Jed don kill me >_<


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