Chicken Hotpot

2-3 weeks ago, we went searching for new place to have lunch… and we found this shop!

it’s called “Chicken Hotpot” in Kuchai Lama.

They claim that the food they serve originated from China… but dono lah true or not.

As usual before we eat, right after we found our seats, we all love to posing posing, right before we start eating. (it rhymes! :þ)

So what IS chicken hotpot?

It’s chicken cooked in claypot, with super spicy gravy… really really super spicy.

After ‘consuming’ half the pot, the waitress will add more spicy soup into the claypot mixing with the spicy gravy and spicy chicken, thus… producing a SUPERSIAOSPICYHOTSWEATLIKEHELL HOTPOT CHICKEN WITH SOUP!

we had beef hotpot too…. same spicy ingredient, same spicy gravy, same spicy claypot…. but beef 🙂

when the chicken n beef are gone, we can get more side dishes likes mushroom, vege, fishballs n stuff… n pour them all into the spicy claypot soup… but charged differently of course.

we were then joined by Rames, Alvin and Danny…. Alvin is our new boss. He looks like Hiro Nakamura…. even he himself admits it. ahahaha He is also a super Heroes fan. Woot!

oh yeah… so in case anyone wants to go there, its about RM13 per person. 🙂



  1. Eivan

    may i know where is this restaurant? I mean, which part of kuchai lama.

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