ChikaPowWow! Auctions With Tokens!

Hey ya! I’m sure you guys have seen or heard of bidding sites before right? Items placed for bidding, hundreds of people bid for it at a given time, trying to get the best price for the particular item.

Most of the time, we would not be able to capture the deal at the last minute as people uses bots or some unethical methods to do it.

Well, introducing ChikaPowWow!

ChikaPowWow is an innovative auction site that allows everyone to have a chance to purchase brand new electronic and lifestyle goods at a fraction of what it would normally cost.

The site provides an alternative shopping experience to users apart from all the alternatives now online. It also enables users to grab great products at great offers.

Their aim is to legitimize this industry, through strong ethics and integrity. Everyone will have a fair playing ground on this site because they will actually limit amount of bids for big tech items (e.g., 100 bids total for a particular item).

ChikaPowWow also introduces and market new and innovative products that are not available in Malaysia such as wireless Monster headphones from USA.

Did you know that LIVE AUCTION starts on the 28th May? Which means we still have 3 days to prepare ourselves BUT pre-registration to get free tokens starts on 25th May which is TODAY!

Pre-registration is TODAY till 12am midnight Sunday(27th of May) to get 10 FREE tokens

I heard ChikaPowWow will bring in exclusive products not just from US but also around the world like Burberry Blue Label etc but the most exciting one has to be special editions Euro 2012 jerseys for auction!

So quickly go to and get your free token now!


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