Chinese Opera, Lucky Ferris & The Trailer.

More photos from Nine Gods Emperor festival!

Right at the end of the crowd there was another crowd.. they were all standing in front of the stage enjoying this opera thingymajig.

This guy is a damn good storyteller.

Chestnut seller

Fire is hot.. just like Friday comes after Thursday.. according to Rebecca Black.

The 4 guys in black tshirts.

Good luck ferris. OK thats it.

I am actually very sad cos I lost the videos I recorded here… the only I have left is this trailer I did few months back

Please watch, It’s a great video that covers basically everything from the festival ehehhehe 😀



  1. Tallboyz

    Wow! Ur trailer credit all also Jason! Hahaha! Nice one!

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahaahahah i put once jek. then it ust replace all lol

  2. suetmei

    i remember this day two years back then! 😀

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