Chor 3 is Movie Day

3rd day of CNY is always a movie day for our family.. so this year we gathered at Sunway Pyramid to watch All’s Well End’s Well 2009, the only Chinese New Year movie this year.

It was DAMNNNNNNNN FUNNYYYYYYYYYYYYY OMG.. i rate it 8.5/10.. agahahha go watch this movie people!

Oh before the movie we had lunch at Papparich Kopitiam.

After the movie, everyone came to my house… and we went for dinner at a restaurant nearby

Then we came back to my house… and erm… we had some … erm… “family activity” and I am richer by stacks of RM1 notes.. lolol (last 2 photos taken using Nokia 5800 XpressMusic)

Detailed post soon.



  1. crazywrazy

    wow!! attack of RM1!! lol smashpop, next time attack of RM100 !!!

  2. Siti


  3. TZ

    Lunch @ Papparich make u richer @ nite during your family activities … kakaka :p

  4. EVo

    Ok i wanna see the movie liao! aih mountain of rm1 will lead to rm100 very soon la pop. good luck yo.

  5. Tian Chad

    5800 has a good photo quality ha!

  6. dayze

    ooh nice! didnt get to do that essential ‘activity’ during cny, probably cos of the economy crisis but it looked like that didnt stop you heheh

  7. hitomi

    Wah…So Geng…next time RM50 also can haha

  8. Aaron Khoo

    I want all the money!!

  9. poker

    RM1 atacks was great. Papparich is a place i want to visit when travel to Malasya, may be i need that RM100 atacks that was mentioned for crazyw…

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