City of Light

Here comes the LIGHT!

This is the view of Hongkong Island (the side of HK where my hotel is) from Kowloon side at 7.59pm.

at 8pm…. the buildings come to live… music were played.

See the video.

Wind damn strong lahhhhhhhh kacau the audio. cis.

anyways… here’s a shot of the same view… with lights 😀

i damn like this hahaha

the thing ended at about 820pm and we started walking our way to the ferry dock.

this is the place where a lot of artistes commit suicide in HK TVB dramas. lol and that’s my cousin posing emo.

we then took the ferry to go back to the opposite island.

The view from inside the ferry… haha bye bye Kowloon…. (for now)

after that we took the MTR from IFC building to Causeway Bay station…

and we were back… at the happening area near the hotel i was staying in. Do you notice how bright it was eventhough it was about 10pm that time? That’s cause there were bright spotlights all along the steets so you will feel like its still afternoon even though its sleep time hhahaa

we didnt go back to our hotel of course… with so many people still walking around and the shops were still open…. we went for a drink. Where? What drink?

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