Claypot Pirates

I went to watch Pirates3 again last night.

Thanks NUFFNANG for giving us bloggers free movie tickets, pOpcorn and drinks 🙂

The one and only photo I managed to take last night.

It was nearly 1am when everyone left… the 3 of us were still there.. doing nothing. Oh the 3 Js were in red 😀


Anyone here likes claypot chicken rice?

If im not mistaken.. this shop in Pudu is quite famous for their claypot rice.

So I went there for dinner one day… to cuba try test

Who says I dont take photos of my drinks? lol

The chicken rice tasted good. price.. about rm5 i think..

This one is famous in Hongkong. Chinese call it “Lap Mei Farn”. Price? mahal gila.. Small one is RM15. Big is RM30

Wanna try? come lets go :þ


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