Clock Tower

ok! 2nd last Penang post! 😀

we left the clan house and went to this place for desserts

damn nice lo the dessrts…

see see

i ordered this… mango… icecream…. something… forgot the name… but damn nice

we then went back to air itam and had chicken rice there.

i think KL chicken rice nicer ahaha Penang ppl don kill me can

once we reached home, we showered, packed and got ready to meet the bloggers again for seafood dinner.

we parked in front of the clock tower

we arrived there at about 6… but the clock reads 5:10….

we a bit bit blur when an uncle cycled past and said “itu krok rosak oledi wan”

-_-… so big clock tower but… the clock… sigh nvm

we took some photos there

wanted to go shoot in some old buildings there but…

all the entrances were locked.

so i emo

its more like posing la kan? Douglas shot this


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