Cny at Klcc

For christmas, I have made a post on the decorations in Mid Valley megamall. This time, for Chinese New Year… I went to KLCC to take some pics.

When I was there… I saw a big crowd in front of the small stage in the center court.. and the busybody me.. went to join them.. ahha

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Everyone was mesmerized by this lady.. who was playing the Er-hu at that time.
After taking some pics of her.. i went to the other side where they have this old chinese hut/wooden house.

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We were not allowed to go in but they did open the doors and windows for us to see the interior.

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Outside the hut, there were a lot of bamboo trees and behind the hut was the open kitchen and a well.. i think the olden chinese people bathed using the water they got from the well? lol.. i dono..

Here’s a video i took of the er-hu girl.. click play and enjoy it. kekee


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