CNY Chor Yi!

Hello everyone! Continuing from yesterday’s Fatt Choy Updates, this is what I did today on Chor Yi (2nd day of CNY)

7 early 8 early (direct translation from Cantonese… means very early in the morning) I woke up and had breakfast… then around noon I went to Gideon’s house.

We managed to finished his can of “nga ku” chips… and everyone also got to “earn” some money before leaving to Rebecca’s house (which I then earned A LOT MORE money from everyone.. lol *ehem*)

Then mum suggested we try the mini yee sang at sushi king..

Surprisingly the clam yeesang turned out to be very delicious! With crabstick, clams, fritter crush, cuttlefish and vege.

Woot! I also got the chance to visit a kampung house with CNY deco…

OK detailed updates after allllll my pending posts from last year.. ok bye




  1. EVo

    Happy CNYGXFCHPNL ah pop!may u win enuf $$ to belanja yeesang soon!

  2. Raymond

    wah.. nice yee sang pic

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